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ursula from kildoag pottery

Ursula McGivern

Ceramics has always been a major working force in my life and I am fascinated by its endless possibilities. I am drawn to the challenges of the wheel, the physicality of throwing and transforming a piece of clay into something new.

My forms tend towards simple elegant shapes with emphasis on achieving a smooth surface that will be responsive to the raku process, which in itself, is a confluence of the basic elements of earth, air, fire and water. I find the most rewarding part of the process is successful experimenting with glazes and pushing materials to the limits in the firing process to achieve outcomes which are new and unexpected and give each piece its own particular nuance and character!

adrian from kildoag pottery

Adrian Brothers

Originally qualified as a fine artist Adrian treats the surface of his work as a canvas. 

He says of his ceramics, "The poetry of the landscape, human form, atmosphere and mood continues to drive my work. Whereas the science and technique inherent in the making and firing process are fundamental, the wild unpredictable nature of Raku continues to surprise and astonish me. There is no magic in predictability. The process of Raku is dynamic, combining the essence of organic materials with the raw power of the elements, the fury of fire and the grace of the Almighty."

Where you can see our work....

Galleries / Stockists
Millcove Gallery, Kenmare, Ireland
Ross Fine Arts, Ramelton, Ireland.
Cahir Arts, Tipperary, Ireland
An Gailearal, Ballyliffin, Ireland
Derry Designer Makers, Derry, Ireland

Gifted From Ireland, Contemporary Design Fair, Dublin 2014-2019
Irish Ceramic Awards 2022
Sculpture In Context 2022

Irish Ceramics. John Goode 2021

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Raku is about the process, the materials, the firing, the cooling, and the unpredictable results that make each piece unique.

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