Father’s Day Gift Collection


Mica Pot with signature lid.

Red crackle glazed pot with signature lid.

Turquoise crackle glazed pot with signature lid

Our unique Father’s day  gift collection includes a  range of hand made Raku pots, distinctive for the random crackle pattern caused by the firing process. The bright colour on the body of each pot provides a striking contrast with the black neck and interior.

Each piece is thrown by hand in our studio combining traditional ceramic skills with a contemporary design edge creating forms which are elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The pieces are glazed using our own recipes giving  the pots  a stunning vibrancy. The mica pots have an additional stage in the process where Terra sigillata coloured with mica is painted onto the surface of the pot to give a coloured background. A resist slip and glaze is applied and the design is drawn with a wooden skewer. Time is of the essence as the glaze dries quickly and the drawing must be complete before it is completely dry.  The firing process is also crucial to the end result and  many different variables including temperature and rate of climb need to be considered.  Soaking a kiln for five minutes longer can make a massive difference to the final finish. Our pots are fired one at a time to ensure even heat distribution and the results of each firing are totally unpredictable and exciting.

Our collection is available from Derry Designer Makers located  in the heart  Derry’s historic craft village. We are manning the shop this weekend and will be delighted to show you our work and discuss the various production processes. All our pots come in presentation boxes.